Why Choose Gopher State Seamless Gutters

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Why Choose Gopher State Seamless For Your Leaf Gutter Guards

Leaf gutter guards give you piece of mind and reassurance that your gutters and downspouts are flowing freely as well as keeping you off of a ladder and out of harm’s way.

What To Consider When Pricing Gutters

There are many factors in the pricing of gutters, you need to consider the cost of gutters and downspouts. Are you having Steel, Cooper, Galvalume, Steel or Aluminum seamless gutters installed

Gopher State Seamless Gutters

At GSS, you cut out the middle men and save money. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you're not 100% thrilled with your new gutters, we will make it right.

Leaf Guards for Gutters

As we all know, life is busy. Why take the time and hassle to make sure your gutters are not clogged and operating as they are intended to? At Gopher State Seamless, we understand this. We have installed many products over the years and we only offer the best. Below you will find what products we offer as well as a brief description about each individual product. Leaf Guards for Gutters give you piece of mind and reassurance that your gutters and downspouts are flowing freely as well as keeping you off of a ladder and out of harm’s way.

Bulldog Leaf Gutter Guards:

Bulldog gutter guards is an aluminum drop-in pressure fit system. This system is applicable for preexisting gutters as well as new gutter systems. This system can be installed on any top of roof as it does not interfere with the shingles in any way. Bulldog is a flat-ported panel that is fastened securely by screws to the top lip on the front of the gutter as well as being screwed to the back of the Leaf Guards for Gutters White Bulldog Leaf gutter guardgutter. This process not only keeps out leaves and debris and animals, but actually strengthens the gutter as well. Bulldog comes with a 25-year no-clog guarantee warranty but was also manufactured with an environmentally friendly approach in mind as it is made with 100% recycled aluminum. Bulldog is available in 5 or 6 inch sizes and comes in white or dark bronze colors and is barely visible from the ground.

Leaf Sentry Gutter Gaurds:

Leaf Sentry is a solid top-nosed forward design that is matched to the pitch of your roof to allow the water to follow the unique nose in to the gutter allowing the water to enter while keeping leaves and debris out.Leaf sentry highflow Leaf Guards for Gutters Leaf Sentry has its own high-flow leaf-sentry-regular flow Leaf Guards for Guttersported panels and custom inside corner accessories for valley areas to accommodate the higher concentration of water flow. Leaf Sentry is backed by a lifetime, no-clog warranty and is available in 16 colors. Leaf Sentry is suitable for 5 or 6 inch gutters.

Aluminum/Steel Screen:

Screens are for an economical approach to leaf protection. Gutters screens are the cheapest products to use for gutter protection. Screens are installed by sliding the screens below your shingles and screwing the front to the top lip of the gutter. While screens will help debris stay out, regular maintenance is still needed to keep your gutters flowing freely. Gutter screens are available in raw, aluminum color and black steel. They come in both 5 and 6 inch sizes.

“Do it Right, or Do it Twice.”

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Gopher State Seamless is Foley Minnesota’s leading leaf guards for gutters installation company. Rain gutters are a great addition to any home, and with seamless gutters installed on your home – it will looks great too. There is more than just the awesome curb appeal. Rain gutters help with erosion, white washing of decks and pitting of concrete and tar driveways and will add value to your Foley Minnesota home.

When you use local gutter installers, you know you’re getting top quality work from a contractor that cares about their reputation. Gopher State Seamless Gutters has just that: a great reputation in the Twin Cities and the North Metro area of Minnesota. Our seamless gutters come with a lifetime warranty guarantee. When only the best for your home will do, remember: “Do it Right, or Do it Twice.”

Make Your Home as Unique As You Are!

Gopher State Seamless Gutters offers many gutter options. You can choose from hundreds of different colors and materials, find a style to match your home’s personality

Avoid clogged gutters and downspouts from leaves, ice dams and other debris:

We offer three options of leaf guards for gutters

“Do It Right, Or Do It Twice”

Leaf Gutter Guards 

 Gutters And Downspouts

  • Leaf Sentry System
  • Bulldog Top System
  • Leaf Away System

  • 5 and 6 Inch width K-Style Seamless
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvalume
  • Steel
City: Maple Grove

Great Guys to work with! They know their stuff that's for sure. They got those gutters up there with no problems. Caleb is just the best and Jordan he's the quiet one, man can he work tho he's the brawn of the company totally works his butt off, while Caleb does the promoting of the company. Love the work that they have done.Only did 4 stars because there's always room for improvement.

City: Plymouth

You guys were great, nice clean job, very easy to work with and helpful with suggestions. Love my hinged drain spouts, easy to tilt up out of the way when cutting grass.

by Ray Davey on Gopher State Seamless
City: Otsego

Great service, quality product and CRAFTSMANSHIP that you rarely see any more. Caleb and Jordan exceeded all expectations I had for full house gutter install. Made suggestions that other bidders didn't that make a big difference in curb appeal. Very upbeat and professional company. You might expect to pay more for this level of service and quality, but their quote was $200 less than the next closest bidder. Kudos to these guys for creating such a successful business.

by Steve S on Gopher State Seamless
City: Andover

The work was done very quickly, came in under quoted price and look wonderful!

City: Monticello

We had an excellent experience with Gopher State Seamless! They came to our house on a weekend to give us a quote and even worked us in to install the gutters 4 days earlier than expected. The gutters perfectly match our house and after looking at all of their color options, I'm sure they could match any color. We already had a major storm and I can tell a major difference in the amount of water flowing away from the house. They are professional but also personable to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone!