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At Gopher State Seamless, we believe in quality. That’s why we only use the best materials on the market. Our reputation depends on it.


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Raytech Hidden Hangers:
Raytech has long been the industry name for unmatched quality and strength. Their hangers are channel-formed for strength and durability. Each Raytech hanger is rated for 200 pounds of pull strength per hanger. We space these hangers inside your gutter system every 2 feet. Rest assured, once we install your new gutter system, they will never fall off your home. The hidden hanger is especially nice because it cannot be seen from the ground and screws into the back of the gutter itself, meaning there is no interference with your roof.

3×4 Downspout Dropouts:
At Gopher State Seamless, we spend the extra money to do it right! Many of our competitors use what’s called an omni punch to create the hole in the bottom of your gutter for your downspout. An omni punch simply tabs out the bottom in a 3×3 square to allow the water to drain. The omni punch was intended to be used with 3×3 downspouts, not 3×4. In doing so, you lose 1 inch of the opening to your 3×4 downspout, restricting your downspout’s flow and limiting it to not run at full capacity. Because of the 4-corner tabs the omni punch creates, ice can build and expand and cause small tears in the corners of the downspouts causing leaks. At Gopher State Seamless, we use what’s called a “dropout.” A special punch is used that cuts a true 3×4 opening in the gutter and then we insert the dropout inside and seal around the opening. Ensuring you that there are no worries about tears and leaks and also allowing your downspouts to run at full capacity.

In short, the omni punch is used to save money and to cut corners in this industry.

Flashing is hands down the most important part of a gutter job. Unfortunately it’s a step that many companies skip to keep their cost down. Upon installing your gutters, the existing drip edge should be removed and flashing installed. Flashing is inserted below your shingles and will bond to your ice and water shield on your roof decking as well as your shingles, to create a sealed barrier that water and ice cannot penetrate. Many companies reuse the drip edge for flashing or simply install right on top of it. Either process is unacceptable. Drip edge is not a suitable form of flashing nor was it intended to be. Without flashing, ice will build inside your gutters and make its way underneath your shingles and behind your fascia wrap causing major wood rot to your fascia, roof decking and rafter tails, which will cause you thousands of dollars in damage down the road. We strongly encourage homeowners to be aware of this factor as we have seen the damage this has caused by skipping this critical part of the installation process. But rest assured, at Gopher State Seamless, every foot of gutter we install is flashed, giving you superior protection against water damage.

Geocel 2320:
Geocel 2320 is our sealant of choice. It is a contractor grade, high performance tripolymer seam sealant that provides outstanding protection against water and air seepage. It is semi self-leveling as well as extremely durable to sunlight. It is also flexible, which is important with Minnesota’s extreme climate changes to allow for expansion and contraction as the seasons change.